Tallinn Cup:150を超える参加チームが2024に参加する予定です!!

最後のサッカートーナメントには、エストニア、チェコ共和国、フランス、ロシア、ベラルーシ、ウクライナ、フィンランド、スウェーデン、リトアニア、ラトビア、カザフスタン、スペインからの8歳から16歳までの少年と少女チームが参加しました。 外国チームのトーナメントへの参加は優遇されております。主催者はコーチの滞在費用を負担し、サッカーフェスティバルの全ゲストはタリン内を無料で移動できます。
Tallinn Cup 2024. Invites both amateur and professional clubs!
International youth football tournament Tallinn Cup as traditional will take participants from Russia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belorus, Kenia and other countries. Each year, we get some top clubs, such as FC Zenit, Swedish Malmo, Dynamo Kiev, Polish Jagiellonia and the geography of participating countries is growing constantly! This is the largest and most significant sport event held in Estonia! It is supported by the Tallinn City Hall!
Tallinn Cup 2024! Thousands of smiling boys and girls from all over the world!
Incredible entertainment program for participants of the football tournament Tallinn Cup! Aquaparks, museums, exhibitions, Zoo and Old Town of Tallinn super atmosphere! We care about the cultural program for the kids, so Tallinn Cup bracelet takes possibillity to visita lot of city entertainment with huge discounts. This is the second most mass event in Estonia after the singing festival. No participant will be left without a present! All games are held at the largest football complex in Estonia - A Le Coq Arena, where everyone will witness bright battles!
The International estonian children football tournament Tallinn Cup 2024!
These are bright emotions, football fields of excellent quality, clubs from many countries of the world, low prices for accommodation and meals and a preferential registration fee. The age verification system for players turned out to be a simple and transparent tool in solving many problems with teams. No protest was filed in the last football tournament Tallinn Cup. Step by step, from year to year we will turn into one of the largest and most interesting football tournaments in the world.