July 5 - July 8, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Cup 2018. More than 150 participating teams are expected to participate in 2018.
Last tournament was attended by teams of boys and girls from 8 to 16 years old from Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Mexico and Italy. The participation in the tournament for teams from abroad is free of charge! The organizers take care of costs for the coach's stay, and all guests can use Tallinn's transport for free!
Tallinn Cup 2018. Invites both amateur and professional clubs!
International youth football tournament Tallinn Cup as traditional will take participants from Russia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belorus, Kenia and other countries. Every year the geography of the participating countries is growing! This is the largest and most significant sport event held in Estonia! It is supported by the Tallinn City Hall!
Tallinn Cup 2018. Thousands of smiling boys and girls from all over the world!
Incredible entertainment program for participants! Aquaparks, museums, exhibitions, Zoo and Old Town of Tallinn super atmosphere! This is a second most mass event in Estonia after Singing Festival. No one participant will be left without a present! All games are held at the largest sports complex in Estonia, A Le Coq Arena, where all the teams together will witness a wonderful, bright holiday of football!