Leaders Party

No one of the tournament will not take place if the coaches will not instruct, teach and scold their teams. Especially for coaches and team leaders we'll organize Leaders Party in the second day of the tournament, where two persons of the team can go. This kind of award for their hard titanic work with the younger generation. We invite leaders of the teams enjoy the cozy company with music, jokes, artists among hundreds of the same friends!

The Leaders Party held in one of Tallinn restaurants, consists of the musical part, the organizers of performances and artists, the leading communication and jokes without ties with coaches from different countries. Our translators will allow you to communicate with any representative of any of the teams. If you want to make a speech for organizers or other participants - let's do it. Usually, here all leaders can present any gifts and souvenirs to each other.

The evening drinks and snacks buffet are until 21.00, the bar is open until 23.00.

To get this event, you will be able to show your Leader Card, which is issued on registration on the first day of arrival.