June 27 - 30th, 2019 Tallinn, Estonia
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Tallinn Cup history

95 teams
6 countries

International football tournament Tallinn Cup was first held in July 2011. Teams arrived from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Estonia. At that time, the largest football tournaments in Estonia has received a lot of attention, including from the media of Estonia. The competition gave the opportunity to many teams from Estonia to see their level. Games were held in Tallinn on the best fields. Parents, participants and spectators observed the importance and necessity of such a tournament for boys.

122 teams
10 countries

In 2012, the tournament Tallinn Cup increased the number of participants. Were teams from Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Spain, Italy and Estonia. The number of participating young athletes have already reached 1300. First, the participants had the tournament a lot of attention, thereby, attracting new clubs from more distant countries. Tallinn Cup for had two age categories of girls for the first time. Football festival Tallinn Cup opened to a new level of football. The children will remember this tournament for many years.

135 teams
9 countries

The team arrives from Mexico gave a bright color to the tournament. Increased attention to the tournament by many clubs from different countries, organization of leisure visitors, the organization of the finals of the tournament and the awards ceremony in the Estonian national stadium - all of this put Tallinn Cup in one of the most powerful festivals of football held in Europe.

70 teams
6 countries

In 2014 the organizers were forced to withdraw from the tournament due to the huge singing festival that was held in the same dates in Tallinn. This fact likely affected the number of teams in 2015. This year in several age groups participated very strong and famous clubs from Europe, such as HJK Helsinki, Dynamo Minsk, Skonto Riga, and others. Were teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Finland and Estonia.

64 teams
8 countries

    The international tournament Tallinn Cup again gathered participants for the competition after a 2-year break. The orgnizer's team has a big changes, the concept of the tournament has changed, and a new life has been given to it.

Several grandees arrived at the tournament, such as Swedish Malmo FF and FC Zenit St Petersburg. There were many teams from Finland, Belarus and Latvia. A special flavor of the tournament was given by two Spanish teams of the Academy, Angel Pedraza from Barcelona. The weather, as always in July, pleased with sunny days! Many people noted that the tournament was organized very well.