The current cituation in Tallinn with COVID-19

The current cituation in Tallinn with COVID-19

Current situation!
The Tallinn Cup would like to clarify updated information about the current situation in connection with the outbreak of a new coronavirus.
The Tallinn Cup deeply understands how much the pandemic has affected all of us and that it raises many questions about the tournament. We follow events very carefully and are in direct contact with the authorities to make sure that we make the right decisions in this emergency.

In light of the decisions: the IOC to postpone the Olympic Games in Tokyo, FIFA: the cancellation of the U-17 European Youth Championship; early completion of a number of national Championships or postponement of their beginning - the organizers of the Tallinn Cup would like to clarify that our tournament, as an annual event, does not affect as much resources for organizing and conducting as the above events.
Even though we bear the monthly costs of maintaining the office at this stage, we do not need radical decisions or any speculation. The Tallinn Cup can wait to make a final decision for another one and half   month, until the beginning of June.

Nevertheless, we understand and respect the expectations of some of our foreign teams, which must make their decision earlier. None of the organizers or teams will be affected by this pandemic, but the situation in different parts of the world is not the same, both in terms of the spread of the disease and in relation to the restrictions of national authorities.
At the moment, we are not receiving any information from the authorities that we need to postpone or cancel the 2020 tournament. Clarity will come after a significant part of the quarantine time in Estonia has passed.

We consider the measures that are being taken in Estonia to be prudent, adequate and effective. Only pharmacies, hospitals, and food stores work in the country. People are prohibited from gathering more than two people, in all stores there is a control over the maximum number of people in a room. We are confident that these measures will help break the virus in the near future.
To date, 1458 cases have been identified in Estonia, of which only 129 have been hospitalized. Over the last day in the country identified only 25 infected.
Preparations for the Tallinn Cup 2020 will continue, but we will also monitor developments of situation daily and we plan various scenarios for this year's tournament. We apologize for the inability to provide more accurate information at this stage, but we promise to justify the trust that you place in us in this force-majeure situation.