The Organizing Committee of the Youth International Football Tournament Tallinn Cup is strictly against any military action! Now peaceful people, innocent people are dying in Ukraine, and families are suffering! Tallinn Cup is a team of different cultures, whose main mission is to unite the nations of the World!

Ordinary citizens of Russia who do not agree with what is happening in Ukraine are frightened by real imprisonment and persecution for mass meetings or even for posting on their page calling for no war! The last independent media are being shut down and have their websites blocked in Russia.

What we can do now is to appeal to all the public people of Russia, so that they stop being silent, and call on the authorities to immediately stop the fire! We all have friends and close people in Russia, there are well-known and public athletes, football players, hockey players, bloggers, actors, singers and musicians, someone knows the Russian military, police, intelligence officers and government officials!

Send them photos and videos of destroyed cities, the suffering of innocent people against whom a war was unleashed, send them eyewitness opinions, tell them what you are worrying now, what you heard from the victims, what shocked you, write in any language. All their thoughts should turn from a calm, well-fed life to what is happening now in Ukraine!

This is the little help that each of us can now do to restore the peace! Send this post to all your friends and acquaintances with the hashtag #stopsilentcelebrity, don't be silent and don't be indifferent!