TALLINN CUP 2018! The seven teams confirmed last week!

TALLINN CUP 2018! The seven teams confirmed last week!

Dear coaches and fans of football!

Only in the last week we received seven new applications from football clubs from Sweden, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia! The BOO IF (2008) contacted us with the interest of participating in the tournament. Until the middle of January, 3 Polish teams, 9 Russian teams, 3 Finnish teams, a team from Austria and Italy must answer. A very strong 2009 team from the district of St. Petersburg - FC Gatchina was confirmed their participation.  Working with the tournament is becoming more interesting: it has become a truly international festival in Tallinn! And not just a tournament, where the neighboring countries will participate, but much wider! And among other things, we invite such famouse clubs to the tournament as the academy of FC Zenit, Malmo FF. Our main aim is to turn the Tallinn Cup in one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the World. The city of Tallinn with its extraordinary energy deserves such an event like no other!

Nowadays, the following teams have submitted applications or confirmations for participation in the Tallinn Cup 2018:

2004 - Avangard (Russia), JFA Jelgava (Latvia), FC Livadia (Belarus), Atlantic City (Cameroon), FC Junior (Belarus);

2005 - FCI Tallinn (Estonia), FC Neva (Kirovsk);

2006 - Escuela de Futbol Angel Pedraza (Barcelona), FC Dziugas (Lithuania);

2007 - FC Avangard (Russia), Malmo FF (Sweden), FC Zvezda (Russia), FC Ararat (Estonia);

2008 - FC Livadia (Belarus), Nomme Kalju FC (Estonia), Escuela de Futbol Angel Pedraza (Barcelona), FC Merkuur-Junior (Estonia), FC Dziugas (Lithuania);

2009 - Academy of FC Zenit (St. Petersburg), FC Neva (Russia), FC Gatchina (Russia);

2010 - FC Neva (Russia), FC Ararat (Estonia);

Girls G16 - Club Sportif Amateur Bouhamza (Algeria), FC Flora (Estonia).

Welcome to our tournament! For teams from abroad participation is free, the prices for accommodation are absolutely cheap, the coach lives free of charge, the team is provided with transportation, all games on the same complex A Le Coq Arena!!