Tallinn Cup 2018! The schedule of the games and players registration.

Tallinn Cup 2018! The schedule of the games and players registration.

Dear participants!

We published on our website the schedule of the tournament Tallinn Cup 2018. Please treat with understanding for possible inconveniences for your team, as the composition of groups, the number of games per day, the interval between games and the time of games depend on many factors. We tried to consider the interests of many participating teams.

All games are held on the same complex A Le Coq Arena, at: Acula, 4C. The guests will be provided with artificial and natural fields, a small part of the games will be held in the covered arena. There are 8 locker rooms on it. You can use all rooms but don't leave any things there. You can find the timetable at: https://tallinncup.eu/en/schedule2018. On the territory of the complex you can buy sports goods, snacks and drinks from our partners. All guests of the tournament have a lunches at the stadium.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is very important to have time to register all the players in the My Team Info section of our website: https://tallinncup.eu/en/team_info. In case you did not receive passwords to log in, let us know! Unregistered or unverified players will not be able to participate in the tournament. Each coach must have during the tournament a printout from our website of the list of players admitted to the games by the organizers.

06.07 the first games will begin, in the evening of this day at 18.30 the solemn opening ceremony of the tournament will take place with a colorful procession of teams through the stadium. We ask the teams to stay for the opening ceremony or go back to the stadium after the break. In the evening of the next day, a coaching evening will be held: we invite two representatives from the team to 20.30 at the restaurant of the Dzingel hotel: Manniku, 89. On the last day of the competition - 8.07 the ceremony of presenting the prizes to the winners will begin since 11.30.

We wish all participants an honest and uncompromising struggle!