Tallinn Cup 2018! The final day and celebration ceremony!

Tallinn Cup 2018! The final day and celebration ceremony!

Today is the final day! Magnificent sunny weather last two days of the tournament and crazy battles on the football fields. Protest against the Finland team, leaving the field of Spain team 2008 in the match for third place, the rink of FC Zenit, who scored 100 goals, cheerful chants of the fans, dances and songs - all this is Tallinn Cup 2018!! Honored awards were given at the awards ceremony and the teams went home! We post the last photo with the award!

Winners and prize-winners in all ages:

  • 2009 - FC Zenit (St. Petersburg, RUS), FC Gatchina (St. Petersburg, RUS), FC Tigriid 2010 (Tallinn, EST)
  • 2008 - FC Inteligence (Moscow, RUS), FC Tallinn (EST) , DYSH Olymp (Vologda, RUS)
  • 2007 - Malmo FF (SWE), Tallinna Kalev JK (EST), Harju JK (Tallinn, EST)
  • 2006 - TPS (Turku, FIN), FCI Levadia (Tallinn, EST), KTP (Kotka, FIN)
  • 2005 - FC Haka (Valkeakoski, FIN), DYSH Olymp (Vologda, RUS), Kapa City (Helsinki, FIN)
  • 2004 - FK Ventspils (LAT), FCI Levadia (Tallinn, EST), JK Tallinna Kalev (EST).

Best players of the Tallinn Cup 2018 tournament:

  • 2004 - Ramol Sillamae (Tallinna Kalev JK) и Edvins Kusnirenko (FK Ventspils)
  • 2005 - Osmo Aalto (Kapa City YJ), Veikka Kanerva (FC Haka)
  • 2006 - Luukas Rinta-Paavola (TPS), Miron Afrosin (KTP)
  • 2007 - Abdoulie Bah (Malmo FF), Tristan Fimberg (Tallinna Kalev JK)
  • 2008 - Artem Lyakhovich (FC Intelegance), Mikhail Dzemesjuk (FC Tallinn)
  • 2009 - Stepan Korotkov (FC Gatchina), Roman Ustavshcikov (FC Zenit).

The organizing team Tallinn Cup 2018 thanks to all participants for coming to the tournament, wishes a good journey home and bright impressions from the tournament!!!
Welcome to Tallinn Cup 2019 from June 27-30th!!