Vanliga Frågor

Questions concerning accommodation and food
The number of the guests is not limited. An exception may be your late reservations when our booking is already limited. At school, one team will get a class of 15 children and the coach. If you have more persons, you'll get another one.
Of course its possible! Meals at the stadium or school a little cheaper and more convenient for the teams, but if you have time, we can arrange meals in your hotel. In the hostel category has its own kitchen in the rooms - there you will be able to prepare their own meals.
Questions transport meeting
In this case, the team must provide themselves with their own transport.
If you have not booked a private bus for your team, you get to the stadium by Tallinn Cup shuttles or public transport in Tallinn, which runs on schedule from designated stops. Google map, typing the address of the stadium, will give you the best route and the stops and bus numbers.
You need to book your own bus if you want to order city tour. To do this, please contact our manager. For recreational activities, where you can get by with Tallinn Card free of charge or at a discount, you can reach using public transport in Tallinn, which runs on schedule. At bus stops have signs with numbers and departure times. Google map, typing the address of the stadium, will give you the best route and the stops and bus numbers. With Tallinn Card public transport for the duration of the tournament and is free of charge.
Payment questions
Registration Fee is a measure confirming your participation in the tournament. To be paid for earlier, within the period stipulated regulations.
The rules of the tournament are given the critical date, to which we can return the advance payment. Registration Fee is non-refundable after the payment in the case of refusal to participate for any reason. If the hotel upon our request may make a return payment, if, in exceptional cases, some part of funds can be returned after the critical date.
Issues relating to competition
Its possible, but, at the same time, you do need to ensure the delivery of both teams in your stadium and judging. The announcement should be given to the Organizing Committee no later than the day before the designated scheduled games. After the match, either side must provide signed by both teams the score sheet.
Most likely not. You should contact the Organizing Committee with a written explanation of the game passes, after which the Main Chief is associated with a opponent. If your opponent is ready to replay the game, and the referee will be found, it is possible. All expenses for the replay then borne by the guilty team. It is important to understand that the main schedule do not change.
If you ask about the filing of the first application, you fill out a simple form with the name of the team and contacts by clicking the big green button at the right corner of the website "Team registration". If you ask about the registration and verification of documents of participants, then there are two ways of using your personal account My Team: a) to fill all team members with indication of documents and numbers on shirts, print out and bring along with the documents for registration Checking to be held in hotels and schools, where the participants live. After checking, the organizers will issue you a new list of players already admitted; b) fill all the data in the My Team and download in the profile of each player's photo and scanned identity document. After checking all the documents, you can print a document from a site already admitted to the tournament players.