Opening Ceremony

With a festive ceremony, the Tallinn Cup opens for the participants a few days of colorful and uncompromising struggle for the main prizes. All teams, children, parents, coaches, participants and spectators, the first persons of the city and the leading sportsmen of Estonia are invited to the Tallinn Cup opening ceremony. The main characters will be the participants of the tournament, who will pass under the enthusiastic applause of the spectators and hymns of their countries in the main arena of Tallinn A Le Coq Arena. In addition to the teams, singers, musicians, artists, acrobats and dancers will take part in the hour and a half of the show. The official opening of the tournament is an original way to acquaint all spectators with the cities and countries represented by the participants, to make a short presentation that will give pride to their nation to each child and spectator. All teams and spectators should take part in the opening ceremony, preparing drums, chants, painted faces and flags!

A Le Coq Arena is a football stadium in Tallinn. Holds 10 340 spectators. It is the home arena of Flora football club and Estonian national football team. Opened on June 2, 2001 by the architect Haldo Oravas. The stadium is located on the street of Asulah 4c. 15 years after the opening, the stadium was reconstructed. August 14, 2018 at the stadium has hold a match for the right to enjoy the UEFA Super Cup in the season-2017/18, where the winner of the Champions League and the winner of the League of Europe met.

The festive show will start on the first day of the competition. Entrance to the stadium for spectators will be free of charge. The atmosphere of the tournament opening - we are sure, will leave colorful memories for a long time to every child, and the spectator will enjoy the class show accompanying the main tournament of Estonia!!