Travel to Tallinn

     Tallinn is a comfortable and friendly small port city, located of equal distance from the capitals of Sweden, Poland, Finland, Belarus and the Russian northern capital - St. Petersburg. There are most guests from these countries to our tournament . Getting to Tallinn, you can use bus, plane, ferry or train.

Bus. The easiest and most affordable way to come to the tournament. You can book your bus that will take you from home to the hotel in Tallinn. Tallinn Cup organizing committee will help you with this. Another option - to come by shuttle bus, which will bring to the bus station to Lastekodu 46, 10144 Tallinn. Powerful advantage of the bus trip - it's efficiency, as well as the absence of delays during the crossing of border. From the central station of Tallinn you can reach the hotel by ordering our transfer. Members of the Russian cities can choose to get to St. Petersburg or Moscow, where use transfer of shuttle bus or customized.

Ferry. A popular kind of transport among the guests from Sweden and Finland. More recently, and Russian tourists have become more use of this form of transport. Port of Tallinn is close to the city center, so no problem getting to the hotel and back.

Train. Central Baltic Station is in front of the walls of the old city at Toompuiestee Street, 37. The train route 33/34 "Baltic Express" Moscow - St Petersburg - Tallinn runs daily. There are also trains coming almost from all European capitals, including Stockholm, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Aircraft. The airport is in the city, to get to the hotel in just 15 minutes. We are also ready for you to book an appointment with our bus to the airport and back.