2 al 5 de julio de 2020 Tallin, Estonia
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You've come to the pages of our website for the first time? Congratulations! Here we will explain briefly what is the Tallinn Cup, why he is held and who can participate in it.


If you are a representative of the team and have an interest in participating in our tournament - we offer you to start discovering the About Us tab, where you can learn the history of already conducted, see the statistics of the last tournament Tallinn Cup and see photos and video reports in the gallery. Tallinn Cup always starts in the first week of July. Games are held in several complexes of Tallinn, where there is both artificial and natural fields. On the day of arrival, at your request we can meet your team from bus station, ferry or airport. On the same day, all the teams are registered - this means that the organizers will compare the documents the participants with the data that you enter in the team list. This moment will let to check age of all players with their categories. And, of course, you will not be left without an accompanying guide from Tallinn Cup, which will help you with accommodation, schedule, excursions and other moments that usually no one to ask. In the first game day of the tournament, and, as a rule, every day each team has at least two games, held the opening of the festival Tallinn Cup in the biggest complex of A Le Coq Arena, which are five full-size football fields. At the opening of each team must appiar with war paint, chants, songs and drums!



In Tournament tab you can find the age and category of participants, get detailed information about the participants already registered for next season, see the full rules of the tournament, and if you are satisfied - to start your application. In the REGISTRATION you will need to fill out a form as detailed as possible, then your team will automatically be reflected on our web site in the list of declared among others. In your email, you will receive an invoice for your participation by paying you guarantee yourself a place in the tournament. In the future you will keep in touch of our staff, who will help your team throughout the tournament. You can also contact us with any questions - our contacts are on site!

Welcome to the Estonian area, on the celebration of football!!