Programa de torneo

July 3th – Wednesday

  • Teams arrive to Tallinn during the day
  • Registration of players. Age control in the school and hotel
  • Meal program starts with dinner (cat. A teams-school)
  • Teams in category C (own accommodation) can register at any school or our hotel or Tallinn Cup office
  • Tallinn Cup office opens at the A Le Coq Arena. Teams can register players.

July 4th – Thursday

  • First day of games (group stage) since 14.00.
  • Age control until 14:00 hrs. at the Tallinn Cup office.
  • Tallinn Cup Opening Ceremony at A.Le Coq Arena. Start from 17:00 hrs.

July 5th – Friday

  • Group stage Elite and Simple Cup,
  • Tallinn Cup disco for participants since 19.00-23.00 hrs. 3 euro - entry fee (free ticket with Tallinn Cup Bracelet)

July 6th – Saturday

  • Group stage Elite and Simple Cup,
  • Tallinn Cup Leaders Party - 2 adult from the team are free.

July 7th – Sunday

  • Play off games of Elite and Simple Cup
  • Prize and Close ceremony
  • Departure of the teams